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Pet Portrait
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Get a fun, colorful, and totally custom pet portrait! The perfect gift for the pet lovers in your life (or for you.)

You will receive a high-res file with your portrait, and you can also get photo-quality prints mailed to you!

NEW: in addition to prints, you can now order your portrait on poster, mug, or notebook!


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Terms of service

  • Guidelines for special requests: please do not request anything explicit, hateful, or which violates any copyrights.

  • Revisions: If something looks amiss from what you requested I'll be happy to revise it! But due to a high volume of orders I have to set the limit at one revision per portrait. Please make sure you put everything you want in the order form!

  • Artwork: Please do not alter the artwork in any way (cropping is okay as long as the signature remains in the frame).

  • Licensing: This artwork is for personal use. Please note that if you would like to use this artwork for commercial purposes (publication, re-selling clothing, logos, etc.) we will need to discuss a licensing fee.

  • Artist's copyright: Commissioned artwork is yours to share online and enjoy! However, artist also retains copyright and the ability to share, sell prints, and showcase in portfolio.




How long does it take?
I try to complete the drawing within a week. Please allow an additional week for printed item delivery (3 days for production, up to 5 days for delivery). I have the printer ship them directly to you for maximum speediness!

Can I post the portrait on instagram and/or use it for my instagram profile icon?
Yes and yes! And tagging @petportraits is always appreciated. If you want to use the artwork anywhere outside of instagram, please talk to me about it. Please talk to me about using the artwork outside of instagram for any commercial purpose.

Why are the Party Portraits more expensive than Pet Portraits? Because people are harder to draw haha! Also, because these ones use a more painterly gouache technique which takes longer. 

How much is shipping?
Shipping is factored in to the price already! :)

If I don't have an instagram account, can I still order?
Of course! Please just make sure to email me 3-5 reference photos of your pet at

For printed items, what is the process?
I will draw your digital portrait and email it to you for approval. After you confirm that you love it, I'll send it to the printer! It should be delivered to you in about a week.

Will you do a drawing for free/trade/in exchange for publicity? Sorry, not at this time. This is how I pay the bills!

More questions? Ask away!



What customers have to say

@petportraits responded so quickly and totally understood our needs! The pictures were fantastic and more than we ever dreamed they could be. Katya is not only amazingly talented but so compassionate! I can’t wait to use her again.
— Nadia (& Shadow)
Katya is so easy to work with! She took my crazy mermaid idea & ran with it! I couldn’t be happier with how perfect it came out! Absolutely fantastic & I will be ordering more in the future!!!!
— Alyssa (& Tootsie)


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