Hot trend #3: A Step-by-step Guide

This is the third installment in a little series I've put together. Each week or so, I'll pick a hip and happenin' illustration or design trend and walk you through how to do it yourself! So let's get started with:


The Existentially-Charged Children's Drawing

We've all seen these drawings. They pop up intermittently on instagram feeds which mainly feature poorly-lit expressionless selfies and have more pictures of art supplies than of actual art.

These drawings are ‘simple’ and ‘real.’ They masterfully juxtapose the raw ineptitudes of childhood art with that bleak, inevitable post-puberty disillusionment.

It is the perfect art form for those who don't want to go to art school, but desire to communicate that they’ve really totally changed to the few old high school friends who still follow them on social media. “I’m no longer the sweaty kid who was way too into the theater club and never shared my flaming hot cheetos,” these drawings whisper insistently, “I think about souls and have an aesthetic now.”

How to do it yourself:


There you go! Proclaim to instagram your deep, deep internal depths.

A disclaimer for those of you who are mentally drafting a very angry and very eloquent email right now: This is one of those tongue-in-cheek things that you shouldn’t take too seriously. All joking aside however, these trends that I actually really enjoy working with. I also follow and respect many incredible artists who ride these styles to the stars.