Hot trend #2: A Step-by-step Guide

This is the second installment in a little series I've put together. Each week or so, I'll pick a hip and happenin' illustration or design trend and walk you through how to do it yourself! So let's get started with:


Martha Stewart Bastardizes Folk Art

You can spot this trend everywhere. The vapid, flat florals are easy to find on mugs, greeting cards, tote bags, and on all the other useless chachkies that book stores sell because they can’t stay open on declining book sales alone.

However, slapping flowers on junk has been popular for an extremely long time. Rosemåling was the name of the trend when it first got started in rural Norway in the 18th century. At first, Rosemalers were guild-trained specialists who traveled around to paint the homes of rich folk, but then amateur posers went around and started painting smaller things like cups and boxes. Now you too can join in the tradition of slow decline by digitally painting amateur florals onto etsy banners and blogs!

How to do it yourself:


There you go! Floral away to your hearts' contents.

A disclaimer for those of you who are mentally drafting a very angry and very eloquent email right now: This is one of those tongue-in-cheek things that you shouldn’t take too seriously. All joking aside however, these trends that I actually really enjoy working with. I also follow and respect many incredible artists who ride these styles to the stars.