Hot Trend #1: A Step-by-Step Guide

This is the first installment in a little series I've put together. Each week or so, I'll pick a hip and happenin' illustration or design trend and walk you through how to do it yourself! So let's get started with:


Trend #1:

Tattoos for the skin of your small, new but totally vintage business


About the trend: 

The American tattoo industry had its beginnings on the taboo side of the fence. However, after a long and interesting history (that you can go read about someplace else), it has been exalted, popularized, and celebrated to the point where it’s so extremely common that it’s almost boring. Seriously, one in five americans has some ink. And if you live in a place like Portland, “do you have any tattoos” is just a less presumptuous way of saying, “So show me your tatts.”

Naturally, a statistic that good is reflected in our dear, capitalistic american marketplace.

When Jimmy-John-Joe gets a cute back tatt and a week later he realized that he can’t actually see it himself, what does he do? He goes and he buys a laptop sticker that he can look at!

When Sally-jane-lacy runs out of skin room, what does she do? Gets a bunch of inked up shirts and hats and socks to keep the style rolling!

When Benny-Mo-Benjaminson gets his first, super cool american traditional style tatt, he feels super fricken cool because he’s in the culture club now. So what does he do? Goes to that super fricken cool authentic beer and taco shop that has a tatt style brand so that he can show off to a crowd that will dig his new ink.

Tatt calls to tatt. And the trend isn’t gonna die anytime soon, so hop on for the ride why don’t you.

How to do it yourself:


So there you have it! Trends are easy.

Go exploit and enjoy it. Cheers.


A disclaimer for those of you who are mentally drafting a very angry and very eloquent email right now: This is one of those tongue-in-cheek things that you shouldn’t take too seriously. All joking aside however, these trends that I actually really enjoy working with. I also follow and respect many incredible artists who ride these styles to the stars.