Goodbye California


I’ve spent nearly my entire life in the Bay Area. It's a place overflowing with educational opportunities, paid internships, amazing startups, and every form of cuisine and entertainment you could possibly want less than a 20 minute drive away—not to mention all the friends and family I have there too.

To me, this is a recipe for disaster. 

Until now, the Bay Area has been an ideal training ground where I’ve learned so much, but I started noticing that my ambition was putting on a little extra chub and a little less hustle. I was kicking back in a hammock made of one-hundred safety nets.

For some, this is an ideal situation to be in, and they relish in it. Part of me wishes I could be content with it as well, but the expectations I’ve placed on myself rule that out. There are skills and traits I know I need to develop and refine, and I can’t get to that next level with these comfortable crutches that the Bay has provided for me. The free fall is where you find out how much grit you've really got.

So, while California has been good to me, it’s too darn sunny. I’m ready for some Portland rainstorms.