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My motto: intelligent & interesting design gets results.

I studied graphic design and drawing in LA, then worked with several startup in the Bay Area. The whole time I was frustrated by how desperate companies were to ride trends and pander to popular aesthetics. So I quit!

I moved to Portland to freelance full-time and seek out those budding companies who were willing to take the risk to stand out.

I’m all about earnest connections made through humor and delight. So if you’re looking for someone to help you mastermind and execute some unconventional ad campaign, or to produce some event posters that will draw in the masses— let’s talk.

Give me your wild idea, let me get my hands dirty, and I'll make you something wonderful and unique.

Why Gifs?

  • Animation helps catch the eye and call attention to certain sections

  • In this highly vectorized world, hand-drawn elements stand out and give a sense of warmth and nostalgia

  • By making short 3-5 frame gifs with a restrained color pallet, they won’t slow down website loading times

  • Gifs are basically fun eye candy. Who doesn’t want that?